Auto on Info – A Brief Chronology of a Data-Rich Automobile Quality Website

Auto on Info has for a great part of the 2000s been the overwhelming supplier of car unwavering quality and strength data. This data has been exhibited in deliberately explored, nearly inspected, fastidiously created tables and diagrams. Amid a great part of the 2000s, these tables and charts have showed up as top picture comes about on Google looks, now and again representing a large portion of the picture comes about for the to start with, or initial two, pages of a Google seek. What shows up underneath is a short sequence of the site.

Mid 2001

Development of Auto on Info started. Programming utilized incorporated Microsoft’s FrontPage, Word, and Excel, and Presto! Page Manager. Exceed expectations was utilized widely to develop and shading code tables and diagrams for simplicity of comprehension and examination and longer-term maintenance.

April 29, 2001

Auto on Info was distributed to the Internet utilizing the area name The site’s underlying components included:

1. The Auto Reliability Index, a car unwavering quality measure, with a size of – 1.00 to +1.00, rating engine vehicle models in the age run 6-to-8 years,

2. A few lists for high mileage vehicles,

3. An area on vehicle sturdiness,

4. Polls for social occasion auto quality information.

July 9, 2001

A news area was included, and the main article, entitled “The Reliability Index Gap amongst Toyota and the Big Three Remains Unchanged: Seven Years of – .6,” was distributed.

December 2001

The Mini-Survey segment was acquainted with assemble information from guests’ encounters and appraisals.

April 2002

The Auto Reliability Percentrank was presented. The Auto Reliability Percentrank is a model dependability rating over a 2-year back to back period on a size of 0.00 to 1.00. This dependability rating was figured for each model year of each model offering the imperative information, and required 2 back to back years of Consumer Reports’ unwavering quality tables. The Reliability Percentranks were introduced in lavishly shading coded tables.

April 19, 2003

The space name was procured as a moment area to have the Auto on Info site.

August 2004

A different page was accommodated each brand’s Reliability Percentrank history. This history was given in a lavishly shading coded table.

January 12, 2005 put 80th for the single word search query auto on Google Search out of “around 229,000,000” results.

December 25-31, 2005

In this week, had 5,990 guests on 4,274 referrals. Of the 4,274 referrals, 567 were from, 277 from, 135 from, and 91 from

December 24-30, 2006

In this week, had 7,825 guests on 5,291 referrals. Of the 5,291 referrals, 134 were from, 83 from, 71 from, 31 from, and 19 from Both guests and referrals had expanded, yet appearances coming about because of word inquiries on web indexes had fundamentally declined.


Auto on Info’s Reliability Percentrank Averages were refered to in the IOS Press article “Remote Market Entry and Expansion – Directions for Strategic Organizational Growth Based on a Global System Perspective.”

April 2010

Auto on Info experienced many changes. Some were:

1. The site’s size was diminished by evacuating various areas, including its news segment and its smaller than usual reviews.

2. Just the Top 25 high mileage vehicles from the majority of its high mileage lists were held.

3. The Auto Reliability Grade Point Average turned into the site’s essential measure of engine vehicle unwavering quality.

4. The auto sturdiness segment was diminished to 3 pages.

5. The webpage’s pages moved toward becoming ASPX pages, and downloadable PDF adaptations of most pages were advertised.

6. The sections in a large portion of the site’s tables were made re-orderable utilizing halfway criticism innovation.

7. Site administrator chose to utilize just the area name and consider later the destiny of the space name.

Concerning diminishing the measure of the site, site chief James Bleeker clarified that the choice was made to make the center data all the more effectively locatable. “With several pages and a huge number of connections, the site had turned out to be extremely jumbled and discovering center auto quality data had turned out to be excessively troublesome an errand.”

Summer 2010

The webpage administrator of Auto on Info made the site where he put tables of the more seasoned Car Reliability Percentranks and Car Reliability Percentrank Averages. This site too does not have a news segment, as Mr. Bleeker settled on the choice to offer car quality news by means of built up article distribution locales and other set up media destinations.